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Property & Construction

The real estate market is still characterised by traditional principles of valuation.

From planning to building and leasing

The real estate market is still characterised by traditional principles of valuation and a weak relation between commercial requisites and rent levels. New tax regulation demands innovative thinking when packaging sales. The fall in the housing market has led to an increased tendency for processing on the entrepreneurial side, and demand for adaptable models of financing remains. Simply put, the sector faces a number of major challenges.

We offer strategic advice on both valuation and financing, AMA-codes pending procurement, preserved rights during contract, disputes on rental agreements or identified environmental risks on acquisition. Our network of technical consultants, technical examiners, evaluators and environmental investigators guarantee broad strategic counselling whatever your questions.

Our knowledge of all sides of the market, together with our experience from handling the many different stakeholders of the business area translates into a preparedness to manage your questions in a fast and effective manner, with full focus on maximising your business advantage.

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Public Contracts

We know public contracts. You get more with WSA as your partner – we understand the driving forces and how they affect the possibilities of your organisation.

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Credit & Insolvency

We have experience from many of Sweden’s largest insolvency cases of recent times. We bring that competence into any question on credit and insolvency that could come up in your business.

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Capital Market

We have long been specialised in financial questions. Combined with a strong focus on your business advantage, it lets us cater to your needs on the capital market in the best possible manner.

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Human Resources

We know that your co-workers are your biggest assets. With us as your Human resource partner you get qualified support in all inevitable questions regarding your personnel.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

When organic growth takes too long, you can speed up the process with mergers and acquisitions. We understand the big picture of your operation, and are ready to help with any type of change to the ownership structure of a company. So you can concentrate on running the business.

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Corporate & Enterprise

Management by objectives through Corporate & Enterprise translates into a strategic comprehensive approach to your operation and the issues currently at hand. Together we maximise your business advantage.

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