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Both local and global

“Our competence in combination with our network means that we can always take an overall approach to your business.”

Our network complements us

We know a lot about a lot of things. Still, we know that the best support is sometimes found outside our own office. This is why we carry an extensive network of competence to complement our deep knowledge in legal matters.

Today’s society is marked by ever-increasing levels of specialisation. This leads to increased complexity in decision-making processes and greater need for contemporary social and environmental analysis. To arrive at the right business decision, you need a partner that can provide support in a considerably greater amount of areas than is offered by your traditional law firm. Whatever your business – and no matter if we talk about company evaluation, tax, accounting, organisational questions, media, finance or risk analysis – our competence in combination with our network means we always provide you with a comprehensive view on your business.

Many of our partners operate on the global market, and we are members of two international law networks – Macrell International comprising 90 law firms in more than 60 countries with more than 5 000 lawyers employed, and the Trans European Law Firms Alliance (TELFA) built on the idea that local regulation and cultural differences play a major role when companies want to establish themselves on a new market. TELFA co-operates with the North-American network USLAW and other partners in North and Latin America, Asia and Africa. On the local level, we continually build a strong presence in local commercial and industrial life and business associations to guarantee up to date knowledge in the latest developments of your business area.

Our competence and experience in combination with that of our networks allow you to always rely on WSA as a provider of high quality counselling in Sweden, as well as in the rest of the world.