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We have broken the ties to old ideas of how law firms should look and function.

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The needs of a company face constant change. Starting out, you concentrate on raising capital, dealing with ownership or management issues, and on protecting your immaterial assets. As the company grows, focus shifts to emphasise the importance of handling personnel or the company’s relationship to its customers and strategic suppliers. Once developed into a mature operation, questions of consolidation and restructuring gains importance together with an interest in acquisitions. Problems with ownership or other disputes might develop, and the need for increased liquidity grows. Since your demands are constantly changing, you need a legal partner who understands how this will affect your daily business.

Our business area Corporate & Enterprise builds on these observations, and it is very much present all of our client relationships. It is developed from an approach called Enterprise Architecture stating that all functions should be seen as integrated parts of a system to be optimised in order to reach and fulfil the business goals set out for the organisation. Our starting point is the functions, systems and processes of the company, in relationship to the objectives.

This is why we practice management by objectives. It means that we have broken the ties to old ideas of how law firms should look and function. We understand that law is only one of all the parts needed to take your company forward – accounting, tax questions, media and management are just as important.

In Corporate & Finance we have gathered all the competence required by your company, no matter where you are in your development phase, or whatever question involved. We are a long term partner, but you can also consult us for larger processes, new deal packages or strategic consultation, both at a local level or when expanding abroad. Our broad network of partners supply supporting competence with international experts and partners in accounting, IT, finance and PR, just to name a few.

We will simply provide everything you need to maximise the business advantage of your company. Together, we find the best way possible to reach your business targets.

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Public Contracts

We know public contracts. You get more with WSA as your partner – we understand the driving forces and how they affect the possibilities of your organisation.

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Credit & Insolvency

We have experience from many of Sweden’s largest insolvency cases of recent times. We bring that competence into any question on credit and insolvency that could come up in your business.

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Capital Market

We have long been specialised in financial questions. Combined with a strong focus on your business advantage, it lets us cater to your needs on the capital market in the best possible manner.

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Human Resources

We know that your co-workers are your biggest assets. With us as your Human resource partner you get qualified support in all inevitable questions regarding your personnel.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

When organic growth takes too long, you can speed up the process with mergers and acquisitions. We understand the big picture of your operation, and are ready to help with any type of change to the ownership structure of a company. So you can concentrate on running the business.

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Environment, Energy & Real Estate

Environmental, energy and real estate issues are growing in importance, scope and complexity. WSA assists companies, organizations and public bodies in all issues that may emerge and provides you with strategic advice to maximize both company benefit and create conditions for the community's infrastructure.

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