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Credit & Insolvency

The right intervention in the right time can prevent escalation of the problems and the following destruction of capital.

High profile credit and insolvency handling

As a company faces financial challenges, it can be hard to keep your calm. If not addressed in time, illiquidity or lack of capital strength can stop even the best of business ideas from being realised. This is the moment your personnel, creditors and suppliers depend on your capability of making the right decisions. There will always be a great challenge provided in weighing the wish for growth against the wish for dividend, or balancing the need to secure future supplies through store-keeping against making investments in personnel.

Most cases of insolvency or bankruptcy are avoidable. The right intervention in the right time can prevent escalation of the problems and the following destruction of capital. Still, if bankruptcy becomes a fact it needs to be handled in a way to secure the biggest possible values to creditors, suppliers, clients or employees. Other scenarios might include giving credit or investing in a company where you need to make sure of being protected from loss, or that the expected return answers to the level of risk involved. Our business area Credit and Insolvency helps you handle all these challenges to achieve the best possible outcome.

Certain situations create the need for credit or re-financing, while other demands renegotiation of the flow of remuneration from customers, terms of credit from suppliers or changes in the business model of the company.

We administer company reconstructions and bankruptcy cases from the starting-point that no creditors should be forced to abstain from any value. As one of the country’s largest actors in credit and insolvency, our vast experience and broad network of competence will allow for your company to reach your specific targets.

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