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Human Resources

The way work is being done, by whom, and from where, is under constant challenge.

Co-workers – your most important asset

People are the most important resource of a company. The way work is being done, by whom, and from where, is under constant challenge. To create the right conditions to meet the needs of today is a never-ending task, as well as a prerequisite for a successful business enterprise.

Among the short term challenges of HR you find union negotiations, recruiting, termination of contracts, questions concerning the working environment and discrimination, operational changes and the design of bonus tools like stock related incitement programs for your key resources. In the long term, we deal with outsourcing, restructuring and implementation of flexible work systems. Our HR solutions assemble all the competence needed for your company to meet the challenges of tomorrow in the most strategic way possible.

This demands profound knowledge about the specific demands of different industries, and is the exact reason why our networks contain everything from coaches to recruitment companies – to guarantee fast and effective help in substantial issues, and for us to become your long-term partner in the daily HR work.

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Public Contracts

We know public contracts. You get more with WSA as your partner – we understand the driving forces and how they affect the possibilities of your organisation.

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Credit & Insolvency

We have experience from many of Sweden’s largest insolvency cases of recent times. We bring that competence into any question on credit and insolvency that could come up in your business.

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Capital Market

We have long been specialised in financial questions. Combined with a strong focus on your business advantage, it lets us cater to your needs on the capital market in the best possible manner.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

When organic growth takes too long, you can speed up the process with mergers and acquisitions. We understand the big picture of your operation, and are ready to help with any type of change to the ownership structure of a company. So you can concentrate on running the business.

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Corporate & Enterprise

Management by objectives through Corporate & Enterprise translates into a strategic comprehensive approach to your operation and the issues currently at hand. Together we maximise your business advantage.

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Environment, Energy & Real Estate

Environmental, energy and real estate issues are growing in importance, scope and complexity. WSA assists companies, organizations and public bodies in all issues that may emerge and provides you with strategic advice to maximize both company benefit and create conditions for the community's infrastructure.

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